Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Robert Duncan Calls Me a Professional Perp

Although Robert Duncan is scared to come out of the closet and discuss his claims about himself and what he writes in his books, he continues to attack my character in private.
The latest that I've heard from him is that I'm a 'proesional perp'.
What exactly is a professional perp?
Is it someone who applies critical thinking and asks pointed questions about unfounded claims that are expected to be taken on trust?
Or is it someone who refuses to or is incapable of thinking critically and expects everyone to believe him unconditionally?
Is it someone who is constantly harassed in private with taunts and character assassinations?
Or is it someone who taunts and harasses others in private while complaining to those who he knows will believe whatever he says without thinking about it or looking at the facts?
The problem with people that believe Robert Duncan's claims without using critical thinking skills or considering other reasons why he makes those claims are that they make excellent targets for mind-control. They are easily put into a state of cognitive dissociation, where higher-level thought processes (logical thinking) are held in check. This makes them highly suggestible to believing ideas that are posed as fact. It's a mild state of hypnosis.
If you look at all of the articles I've written over the years, you'll see that I'm interested in learning and understanding the processes that lead to mind-control. That takes critical thinking skills and lots of logical thought.
If you look at what Robert Duncan writes, you won't find ANY of that... just claim after claim that have no supporting evidence to allow for proper judgment of their merits.
He and his loyal believers are so mentally dissociated that they can't even think logically. But that's their problem, if they can't accept people who only seek to expose the lies and unfounded claims that are constantly being spread in the TI community to mislead people. They actually resent logical thinking, because it destroys the imagined reality they so tightly cling to.
This makes them ripe for recruitment into 'professional perp-ism'.
A perp will refuse to go very far to support their weak claims. A perp will attack a person's character, rather than to have the honesty and integrity to respond to the hard questions put to them about their claims. A perp will avoid using logic, and will instead rely on all manner of emotionally loaded comments and claims that incite negativity towards their target. A perp will put on an innocent face in public, while using taunts and harassment tactics against any detractors that attempt to expose their lies. A perp will accuse their targets of what they themselves do, in order to redirect attention away from themselves. A perp is incapable of backing up the claims they make against their detractors, and will twist what their detractor says in an attempt to make them look bad. A perp will ask questions of their target but never bother to acknowledge the legitimacy of the answer.  A perp will surround themselves with brainless fools who they know will just go along with them in order to feel secure in their otherwise empty lives.
When this is done consistently, and with the backing of their mindless followers, the person is a professional perp. They need that backup, or they can't function for very long.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Robert Won't Come out of the Shadows

Robbie, you little snake. You blow off my research into remote mind-reading technology, claiming it’s outdated material, but your whole book, The Matrix Deciphered, and the technology it describes, relies on the Robert G. Malech patent, which in turn relies on very same the mind-reading techniques that I discuss in both A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technology and Evidence of Remote Neural Monitoring or Carefully Planned Disinformation, where I show this patent to be physically incapable of doing what it proposes to do. In fact, you claim in your first book that this patent is the “#1 secret” to all of this technology. So, can you explain this discrepancy to me? How can you use the Malech patent as the basis for your own claims while telling me that the exact same technology is outdated and invalid?

By your own definition (pg. 51 of Project Soul Catcher), you and others working for FFCHS have obviously been ‘psycho-bombing’ people (including me) through grunt recruits acting as your proxies. You state:

Anyone who writes or speaks about these topics gets attacked by psycho-bombs who are led to believe that the writer or speaker is part of the conspiracy that is torturing them.”

Why is it that people associated with FFCHS are always the first ones to yell “government agent”, when you and the rest of FFCHS are ADMITTED government agents?

What you don’t point out in your books is that the NSA/CIA/etc. wouldn’t be able to do this ‘psycho-bombing’ to create confusion without first taking pre-emptive measures by putting agents and grunt perps out in the field to inundate the TI community with false memes and paradigms – fake beliefs about the technology. You/they knew that there would be those of us who see through the lies who will come forward and refute them with real science, allowing you to excuse yourself as the poor victim while ‘psycho-bombing’ the scapegoat to distract and spin the perceived situation. True Zionism at work!

Project Soul Catcher is mostly a metaphorical discussion of the psychological techniques used in mind-control, but uses computer hacking terms and concepts in an attempt to explain it in a distorted way while not really saying much else. In spite of you telling me that the technology relies on advanced physics that I wouldn’t understand, the only physical technologies you refer to in either of your books are rather simple electromagnetic technologies that came out of MKULTRA years ago, and so there's absolutely no need for 'magic', as you call it. No quantum physics or secret science, either. It's simply a combination of electromagnetics, hypnotic induction techniques, subliminals, computer programming knowledge, profiling systems, information engineering, perhaps some psychosomatic influencing, and lots of psychological manipulation of targets through basic cult tactics, just like you and your little clique at FFCHS use to identify, recruit, and control trusting targets who come to you for help. There’s nothing in either book that I can't handle discussing, that's for sure!

Your books are nothing more than viral programming for the gullible reader. They misrepresent the truth, which is intended to lead the trusting reader into a state of cognitive dissociation and denial if/when they later come across a more accurate explanation than your over-generalized description of your ‘mind-hacking’ model. In fact, we can take your comment on pgs. 50-51 about mental illness symptoms, where you state, “Over generalizing categories of symptoms and not differentiating the names of illnesses with vastly different causes creates further confusion and misunderstandings” and apply it to what you’re doing by over-generalizing the techniques and technologies used in targeting, so that TIs will be confused and misunderstand the truth. This is why I want to discuss these claims of yours in detail, since only the details will clarify what’s true. But you’re deathly afraid of doing so, because you know that an objective analysis would reveal the truth about what you’re really up to.

Take away all the mumbo-jumbo and misused terminology you use and your ‘mind viruses’, etc. are shown to be nothing more than mind-control programming of gullible readers. In fact, the whole of your second book is written in a way that keeps the reader in a subjective frame of mind so that there’s very little chance of critical thinking going on while they input all the twisted memes to reprogram their worldview. Imagine how much better that would work if they were being bombarded with the subliminal flashes of a computer monitor at a frequency that induces a deeper hypnotic state while they read your material.

The biggest problem I have with what you promote is that you misrepresent or just completely avoid describing the methods that these techniques and technologies are used. If you were honest, people who read your material would know how to actually defeat the system that's used. But the more they believe in your false paradigm, the more they're locked into it, so that they fail to recognize that they're being negatively affected by the false information they choose to absorb, and they fail to realize that the targeting comes through their computers and cell phones more than anything else.

There's no realistic means of remote mind-control that you describe or allude to other than through querying and data-mining with known techniques and technologies to acquire whatever useful information might be gained from a target. No remote neural monitoring using fancy science that's years ahead of current knowledge, as you pretend. But of course, you need to promote that false meme to mislead and misdirect your ardent followers, don't you?

Why don't you explain to people that they can avoid the psychological and electromagnetic techniques by simply disengaging themselves from the main delivery systems? Why do you instead remain vague about it and only seem to be interested in amazing them with over-generalized allusions to the methods used while painting it over with just enough occultic mystification to keep them mesmerized?

All of these techniques and technologies that you rely on in your books are well established in the public arena, and well within most people’s ability to understand. There is no 'magic' involved.

Monday, February 17, 2014


This blog is for Robert Duncan to come and answer some questions about his claims regarding the technology he promotes as real in his books, The Matrix Deciphered, and Project Soul Catcher (Vol. II).

My questions will delve into the technical aspects of the technology and the science involved. In The Matrix Deciphered he claims to have worked on it personally, and in Projerct Soul Catcher (Vol. II) he claims to have provided the technical details in Volume I, but then told me that this first volume doesn't actually exist.

My first question to him is simple. Is this technology, which Rober Duncan describes in his books, based on electromagnetics?